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Jenny-lovers unite to create a new radio show!

Is there really no one out there who loves Jenny enough to keep posting in this community? Well, in the hopes that you are still out there and just lurking, I'll extend this invitation to you:

Listen to a brand new podcast solely devoted to L Word talk! We are the first and only L Word fan podcast, and you can find us on iTunes by searching "l word" in the podcast directory.

Our show is called "The Planet: The Podcast for L Word Fans!"

If you don't have iTunes, listen at our homepage,

We actually spend a lot of time talking about Jenny, because the two hosts of the show are big Jenny fans-- although sometimes we think we are the only ones!

I'm posting here now because this week's listener poll is 'Do you love or hate Jenny, and why?' You can add your voice to the mix by commenting on our blog, emailing us at, or calling the listener hotline at (505) 244 0531.

Hope to hear from you!

Elka and KC
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